Mohammad Istiqamah Djamad
Born in Makassar, January 24th 1984. Is has played music since he was little. He went to college at PNJ-UI majoring in Teknik Elektro but didn’t graduate. He then got a scholarship from Yamaha Master Course Academy to study there until he graduated. Is is now a vocal instructor as well as guitar instructor at Yamaha while being active in Pagupon theatres and dramas. He also teaches acting, dancing, music, and vocal for 28 Senior High School’s students as well as directing annual drama performances for them. Is musical style is heavily influenced by Cake, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Chris Cornell. He plays football, basketball, swimming, and also a huge fan of instant noodles
 Comi Aziz Kariko

Born on February 24th 1984. Comi—his childhood name—is an alumnus of Bina Nusantara UniversityUniversity of Indonesia. While studying at UI, Comi was also active in Pagupon Theater as a supporting musician at which he met Is. After finishing his master’s degree, Comi returned to his first University to become a lecturer there and has taught English in Binus ever since. When he isn’t giving lectures in classrooms, he fills his spare time as a bass instructor at Willy Sumantri Music School. Comi is a fan of Brazilian Jiujitsu and practices it regularly at a local dojo near his house. He plays basketball together with Is and also have been a hardcore videogamer ever since he was a child. majoring on English Literature. He then continued his study to earn a master’s degree majoring on Cultural Studies at the
 Ivan Penwyn
Born on  December 31th 1985 An ex-student of University of Indonesia majoring on Philosophy, Ivan is the shyest Payung Teduh personnel among the others.
Alejandro Saksakame
Born April 2nd 1984, Cito is his nickname. He loves the animal kingdom, preferably reptiles such as snakes and dinosaurs (if they weren’t extinct) . He has more knowledge about the animal kingdom other than about music. His journey with Payung Teduh started when he met Is in 2002, at which they formed a band for quite some time. Currently Cito is a student of Padjajaran University and also a graphic desainer. He’s a big fan of a progressive rock band Dream Theater (contradict with the way he plays in Payung Teduh) which led him to formed a progressive rock band with Is along with some other friends called Mirror. He thinks that his biggest challenge in playing music is when he needs to adapt his style of drumming with Payung Teduh.